An Innovative Method of Facial Rejuvenation

Mesothreads are an innovative technique for toning, rejuvenating, and lifting the skin and subcutaneous tissue. As the name suggests, these are special thin and flexible surgical threads that are applied under the skin and achieve excellent results in the field of anti-aging medicine. 

These biodegradable threads have been used for many years in heart and blood vessel surgery, as well as in all other surgical interventions that require internal threads. The method has proven to be extremely successful and effective, making it one of the most popular non-surgical facelift treatments.

Facelifting Without Surgery

The mesothread treatment is the hottest trend in the field of facelifting. It lifts, tightens, and rejuvenates the skin visibly and effectively without disturbing facial expressions, surgical incisions, and complications. The method is natural as it encourages the production of our own collagen, which we lose from the skin over time.

The results are visible immediately after the treatment, and the final result is obtained after 2–3 months, depending on the individual speed of collagen production.

Raising the Cheekbones Before and After

Facial Rejuvenation Before and After

The 3D threads are specially serrated in all directions and so, after being inserted subcutaneously, they attach to the tissue and effectively tighten the skin. By inserting more threads, we create a network around which our body creates new collagen.

After some time, the thread is absorbed, i.e. it decomposes, but the naturally created collagen network remains in your skin. This is how we get a toned and supple face and body skin and achieve a lifting effect without surgery.

The Treatment Description

After a successful consultation with the doctor, the desired region is disinfected and a local anesthetic in the form of a cream or gel is applied. The treatment is generally painless, but if a larger area is to be treated or the client’s skin is extremely sensitive, local anesthesia may be administered. After 15 minutes, using very thin, 0.30–0.40 mm thick needles, mesothreads are inserted under the skin.

The threads, made of polydioxanone, have been used in cardiac surgery for many years and are completely safe. The number of mesothreads to be inserted depends on the skin condition and the desired effect. If we use them to fill certain wrinkles, the number of threads will be smaller, while for the lifting effect, facial shaping, and raising the skin tone, we can make a network consisting of up to 100 threads.

The network stimulates the creation of natural collagen and elastin around it and after the absorption of the threads (6–9 months), the collagen remains and naturally restores the skin tone, lifting and tightening it and giving it a youthful and clear appearance. The very treatment does not last long, between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the size of the treated region. After the treatment, a soothing mask is applied to the client and they can resume their usual activities. The results are visible immediately, but reach their full effect 2–3 months after the treatment, depending on the speed of collagen production in the skin.

After the treatment, there may appear a sensation of tightening, burning, slight swelling, and less often bruising. It depends on the client’s skin and usually the symptoms subside within a few days. As with any anti-aging method, after the treatment it is recommended to avoid the sun and solarium, rough peels and heavy makeup, facial treatments and massages, intensive sports activities, saunas and hot baths, as well as invasive dental interventions.

The method has been used with great success for toning and rejuvenating the skin, while it also reduces facial wrinkles, especially those in the middle and lower part of the face, neck, lower part of the chin, and neckline, while it can also be applied on the arms (upper arms), abdomen, inner thighs, and knees.

When Should You Start with the Treatment?

The mesothread treatment is a go-to choice when you want to achieve a lifting effect, tighten certain parts of the skin, and/or strengthen parts that have lost their tone and fresh and youthful appearance. There is no age limit as the loss of tone and the appearance of wrinkles is individual from one person to another.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

In most cases, one treatment is enough to achieve the desired effects, but it does depend on your wishes and your skin requirements. The mesothread treatment can be combined with other anti-aging methods and thus prolong their effect. Schedule a free consultation with our doctor who will determine what is best for you and your skin!

Warning: The mesothread treatment is not recommended for people with autoimmune diseases, various inflammatory processes in the region where correction is to be performed, blood coagulation disorders, clients with oncologic diseases, as well as for pregnant and lactating women.