InBody 270 Scale

The InBody Scale use the method of direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance, completely painlessly, and is able to produce an analysis of body composition in 15 seconds.

A Complete Body Analysis in Only a Minute!

For all of you who want a precise and detailed body measurement and analysis that can help you and give you the correct guidelines of the current body status as well as recommendations and advice for achieving the best results, we have a medical, precise, and reliable scale of the latest generation – InBody270. There are no more doubts whether your bones are “heavy” or whether “water sticks to you”… how heavy your muscles are and how heavy your fat tissue is. Now you can obtain all that information and more at the LongaVita Aesthetica center in only a minute!

A Detailed Analysis of the Body Composition

This modern medical scale uses two different frequencies 20 kHz and 100 kHz and 5 body segments: right arm, left arm, torso, right leg, and left leg. It uses simultaneous multifrequency impedance measurement (SMF-BIA) and provides a detailed analysis of the body composition, including:
  • Accurate measurement of total body weight
  • Body composition analysis: total body water, protein, minerals, body fat, and a total sum that gives the total weight,
  • Muscle-fat analysis: weight, amount of muscle mass, amount of fat in the body,
  • Diagnosis of obesity: BMI (body mass index), body fat percentage,
  • Segmental muscle analysis: Based on ideal weight/current weight, displayed segmentally: right arm, left arm, torso, right leg, and left leg.
  • Segmental fat analysis, shown in segments: right arm, left arm, torso, right leg, left leg.
  • Archives of body composition analysis measurements in three items: the total weight, the amount of muscle mass, the percentage of body fat.
  • InBody score – evaluation of the entire result with a maximum of 100 points,
  • Weight control recommendations: target weight, weight control, fat control, muscle control
  • Obesity diagnostics: BMI and body fat percentage,
  • Waist-to-hip ratio chart
  • The level of organic fat in the abdominal section – a graph
  • Research parameters: the amount of muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, degree of obesity, SMI – Skeletal muscle index, recommended daily calorie intake.
  • The calorie consumption during exercise, a table of 20 sports and activities, and an analysis for a duration of 30 minutes
  • Impedance – each segment and each frequency (right arm, left arm, trunk, right leg, left leg)
Children and adults between ages 3 and 99 can be measured on this scale. The smallest weight is 10 kg and the largest 250 kg, while the height range is from 95 cm to 220 cm.

In order for the results to be precise and accurate, it is necessary to follow a certain procedure before measuring:

  • Stand upright for about 5 minutes before the actual measurement, because the measurement after lying down or sitting for a long time can result in slight variations in test results. This happens because the bodily water descends to the lower parts of the body as soon as the person gets out of bed or a chair.
  • rezultirati blagim izmenama u rezultatima testa. Do toga dolazi zato što voda u telu odlazi u donje delove tela čim osoba ustane iz kreveta ili stolice.
  • You should not eat immediately before the test. In the event that the person has already eaten, the measurement should be postponed for at least two hours after the meal, because the weight of the ingested food becomes a part of the patient’s weight and thus can cause erroneous measurement results.
  • All physiological needs should be done before testing. Waste does not enter into the elements of body composition, but the amount of urine and feces enters into the weight measurement and thus affects the accuracy of the test results.
  • You should not exercise or perform heavy physical work before the test. If the person was already physically active, there will be a temporary change in body composition, which could lead to less accurate results.
  • If possible, the measurement should be done in the morning. Water in the body gravitates towards the lower part of the body during the day, thus affecting the test results.
  • Clean your palms and feet thoroughly before the testing. The testing can be difficult if the patient’s palms and feet are dry, wet, or if the patient has too many blisters.
  • The patient should be barefoot during the measurement for a precise reading, so keep in mind that socks etc. should be removed before the measurement.

Who cannot be measures on an InBody scale:

  • People with medical implants such as pacemakers or electronic maintenance and/or monitoring systems.
  • The Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) uses safe, low-level currents that cannot harm the body. However, it is not recommended to use it to measure pregnant women.
  • Children and people with limited mobility must be supervised or assisted during testing, i.e. measurements on the InBody.
  • People with any type of infectious disease or any injury to the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot should not come into direct contact with the scale due to inaccurate measurement results.

Safe Low-level Currents That Do Not Harm the Body

The physiological electrical impedance method uses safe low-level currents that do not harm the body. The safety of the InBody has been tested and proven. The InBody products are approved for medical use worldwide, so many medical institutions around the world actively use them.

InBody270 is compliant with ISO9001 and ISO13485, which are international quality management systems. This equipment complies with IEC60601-1 (EN60601-1), the international safety standard for electronic medical equipment. This equipment also complies with IEC60601-1-2 (EN60601-1-2), the international standard for electromagnetic compatibility.

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