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Do you want to feel free and comfortable in your own skin? Are you fed up with tight corsets because of which you and your skin can barely breathe? You know you should exercise, but you don’t find enough time and motivation? Non-surgical treatments and anti-aging methods offer a solution!

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Causes of Loose Skin

A slim and well-toned body is what everyone wants. No matter how persistently we mask our flaws with loose clothing, nice weather and high temperatures, when we wear minimal clothes, confront us with the actual image of our body. Then panic ensues, followed by rigorous dieting in order to get in shape as soon as possible. Some persist in doing so, but sudden weight loss also leaves behind excess skin that is much more difficult to remove and tighten. On the other hand, there are also those who do not mind their weight, but also do not engage in enough physical activity, or age takes its toll, decreasing the elasticity and tightness of the skin

Whatever the cause, what we see most frequently are the notorious “upper arm flabs”, loose or flabby skin on the abdomen, inner thighs and the region around the knees.

Tighten the Skin and Shape the Body by Relying on Proven Methods

Tone the skin and shape the body by relying on proven methods. LongaVita Aesthetica offers you several proven ways to solve this problem: treatment with the revolutionary Med Contour Multipower device, mesothreads, and mesotherapy.

The Med Contour Multipower is a cutting-edge device in its category. Its advantage lies in combining ultrasound and radio frequency in order to shape and tone the skin. Its BODY SHAPE AND TIGHT applicator consists of a disk on which there are 3 circular ultrasound heads that deliver energy individually.

The treatment improves the epidermal texture and reorganization of the dermis, creates a better skin tone due to the induction of vesoactive processes, increases the collagen fibers and stimulates fibroblasts. Following the ultrasound, the applicator delivers a radio frequency that improves the action of the ultrasound as it increases, in contact with the skin, the internal temperature of the tissue, causing the collagen fibers to reorganize, thus becoming shorter and denser, resulting in a noticeable toning of the skin. radio frequency improves skin tone, elasticity, and smoothness, reduces the cellulite visibility, and tones the loose skin.

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In addition to this treatment, our center offer the possibility of skin shaping and toning treatments with special mesococktails, as well as mesothreads, which effectively tone certain regions and parts of the body.

Which treatment is best for you depends solely on the condition of your skin and real possibilities, so it is best to schedule a free consultation with our doctors who will, after an evaluation, suggest the ideal method for you.

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