Hyaluronic fillers

Correction of Facial Irregularities

Another worldwide hot trend related to anti-aging treatments are biodegradable hyaluronic fillers. They contain hyaluronic acid, which is an integral part of our skin and effectively fills wrinkles, rejuvenates and beautifies us, and corrects facial irregularities.

The results usually become visible immediately, which is why it is known as a “lunchtime” treatment in the West, which is currently also gaining more and more prominence here. With hyaluronic fillers, we can visibly rejuvenate the skin of the face, remove wrinkles, and perform various corrections of the lips, cheekbones, and cheeks.

Hyaluronic Filler Action

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin. It acts like a sponge retaining large amounts of water to keep the skin toned, hydrated, and soft.

After the age of 30, the production of hyaluronic acid gradually begins to decline, and between the ages of 40 and 50 we lose about 50% of hyaluronic acid. So, depending on the rate of hyaluronan decline, the skin becomes dry and dehydrated, while static and dynamic wrinkles slowly begin to appear.

Due to their effectiveness, hyaluronic fillers are among the most popular aesthetic and anti-aging treatments since wrinkles and irregularities can be corrected in a short time and the results are visible immediately. The very procedure does not take long and is performed with local anesthetic, if required.

Hyaluron is applied to different layers of the skin depending on the client’s wishes and requirements. Superficial injections effectively increase the hydration, softness, and elasticity of the skin. At a deeper level, hyaluronic fillers fill and soften all wrinkles and, if desired, add volume to the face (lips, cheekbones, cheeks).

The Treatment Description

Treatment with hyaluronic fillers is performed with a special thin needle and injection. Before the application of hyaluronic filler, an anesthetic is applied to the region in the form of a cream or gel, making the entire procedure generally painless. A certain amount of hyaluronic acid is applied under the skin, depending on the client’s wishes, and thus we fill in wrinkles, correct irregularities on the face, fill in scars, contour, shape and lift the face and, if desired, fill in the lips, cheekbones, cheeks, etc.

Depending on the composition and density, we have different types of hyaluronic fillers available on the market. The hyaluronans we use to fill wrinkles, model the face or add volume to the lips is not the same. They are selected by the doctor according to the client’s wishes. The hyaluronan treatment lasts 20–60 minutes and the patient can return to their usual activities immediately after. Results usually become visible immediately. Sometimes temporary redness or minor swelling may occur, which quickly subside.

A few months after the injection, the hyaluronic acid breaks down naturally and the skin absorbs it like any other natural ingredient. How long the effect of hyaluronan will last in your case depends on the hyaluronidase enzyme that breaks it down naturally in the skin and your adherence to the doctor’s advice. The effect generally lasts from 9–14 months.

When Should You Start with the Treatment?

A hyaluronic filler treatment begins with the appearance of the first wrinkles, which depends on the rate of hyaluronan decline in the person’s skin. In addition to age, the level of hyaluronan also decreases due to the personal choice of habits and lifestyle, such as poor nutrition, excessive exposure to the sun, smoking, lack of sleep, air pollution, etc.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

In case of filling the volume of the face, the number of treatments depends on the condition of the skin and the individual wishes of the client. It is best to schedule a free consultation with our doctor, who will answer all your questions and provide you with expert advice.

The Top Quality Hyaluronic Fillers at LongaVita Aesthetica

Choosing high-quality hyaluronic fillers and applying them correctly is a guarantee of success. In our Longa Vita Aesthetica center, we use the best world-renowned fillers - Teosyal®, Juvederm®, Stylage®, Revanesse, Jealifill and Hyaluronica, whose complete range for injecting the skin is made from ingredients that are not of animal origin and biodegradable hyaluronic acid.

Warning: After a treatment with hyaluronan fillers, it is recommended to avoid saunas, exposure to the sun, trips to the solarium, intensive sports activities, and dental interventions.