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Does cellulite affect your self-confidence when you find yourself on the beach, walking around the city or standing in front of the mirror? Are you tired of using various preparations that do not produce the expected results? Do you want a beautiful and toned, cellulite-free body?
Treatment with the Med Contour Multipower device offers you a solution!

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Anti-cellulite Treatments

If you wish to have a smooth, toned skin and a cellulite-free appearance, we offer you the best treatments on the market that can solve this problem. The treatment is chosen depending on the type of cellulite and its distribution, your skin type and what suits you, as well as how much time you are able to allocate for your treatments. Together, we will choose the best method or combination and thus achieve the best results.

At the LongaVita Aesthetica Center, we can solve the problem of cellulite with the following treatments: Med Contour Multipower – a combination of ultrasound and radio frequency, Maderotherapy, Manual anti-cellulite massage, body mesotherapy, vacuum slimming bags, and Lymphatic drainage, which we apply in combination with the aforementioned treatments for the purpose of achieving faster results.

The Latest, Cutting-Edge Treatments That Produce Immediately Visible Results

Med Contour Multipower (MCM)

Med Contour Multipower is an ultrasound treatment for the removal of fat deposits and cellulite. Through the probe, special ultrasound rays are applied, which cut into the connective tissue and fat cells, dissolving and breaking down their content. The released content is metabolized and expelled from our body via the lymphatic system. radio frequency treatment after ultrasound stimulates collagen and elastin and tightens the skin of the treated region to achieve a smooth effect.

In order to stimulate the expulsion of the content from the body, after this treatment we also apply lymphatic drainage to achieve faster and better results. The treatment is very pleasant, it leaves no bruises or any other skin irritations, the only contraindication being varicose veins that should not be heated, and therefore this treatment is not suitable for people with that condition.

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Maderotherapy is a type of anti-cellulite massage that is applied using anatomically shaped wooden rolling pins. By combining the movements of rolling pins of different shapes chosen according to the type of your cellulite, as well as the appropriate pressure, accumulated fats and toxins are broken down.

In addition to removing cellulite, this treatment helps us shape the body, reduce the volume in the abdomen, hips and legs, stimulate the lymphatic system, speed up metabolism, rid the body of toxins, raise the skin tone, and reduce the muscle tension. Maderotherapy can be applied in combination with manual anti-cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage, and vacuum slimming bags, which yields the best results.

Manual Anti-cellulite Massage

It is a type of massage used to remove cellulite. We achieve the desired results by combining different hand movements that reach the deepest areas of cellulite with an appropriate pressure, rhythm and direction of movement. Manual anti-cellulite massage can also be combined with maderotherapy, vacuum slimming bags, and lymphatic drainage, doubling its results. The effects we achieve with manual massage are exactly the same as with maderotherapy, the only question being which type of massage is more pleasant for you personally.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a treatment that is used to remove fluid and eliminate toxins from the body, so it is excellent in combination with all our anti-cellulite treatments as it stimulates the flow of lymph and accelerates the removal of broken contents.

Body Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a method of applying certain mesococktails by injection into problematic areas of the body. There are different mesococktails of both brands and composition that we use to break down cellulite and tighten the skin, as well as to reduce the volume of the desired region. In accordance to the client’s wishes and in consultation with the doctor, we choose the product that will give you the best results and apply it with the thinnest needles to the desired region. Before that, the region is “anesthetized” with medical ice, so the application itself is almost painless.

This technique has a targeted effect on regions that are problematic for you, increases the permeability of cells, leads to the dilation of blood vessels, thus promoting detoxification and the expulsion of excess water and toxins from the body. The treatment itself does not last long and is painless, and there is no recovery period after the treatment, so the person can continue with their usual daily routine. It is recommended to combine the treatments with lymphatic drainage in order to speed up the removal of fat, water, and toxins from the body. Treatments are done over the course of 7 days and it is necessary to do a series of at least 3 to achieve any results.

Vacuum Slimming Bags

Vacuum slimming bags represent a line of products for the removal of cellulite and fat deposits together. This method combines gels that are applied to the abdomen and legs: red that warms the skin and green that cools it and a bag into which we draw the body from the stomach to the heels and vacuum it. The simultaneous action of both gels and the vacuum on the body creates a sauna effect, and accelerated circulation and oxygen flow to the cells leads to a faster cellular metabolism, which is the key to losing weight and eliminating cellulite.

Vacuum slimming bags can be applied as an independent treatment in the process of losing weight and eliminating cellulite or in combination with anti-cellulite massages (maderotherapy or manual anti-cellulite massage), which gives the best results. If it is done as an independent treatment, it is necessary to apply a massage or lymphatic drainage after the treatment in order to stimulate the lymph to eliminate the contents as efficiently as possible and complete the treatment.

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