Healthy, Shiny, Toned, and Wrinkle-free Skin Is Everyone’s Dream, Regardless of Gender

That’s why when we talk about the skin, we have to start from the basic and most important thing – hydration!

Hydration as the Basis of a Beautiful Skin

A fast-paced lifestyle, stress, hormones, inadequate nutrition and insufficient water intake, excessive exposure to harmful UV rays, solariums, swimming pools, smoking, environmental pollution, insufficient physical activity and inadequate facial care – they all evidently leave a mark on our skins. Even with us taking good care of our health and bodies, the transitional periods and the change of seasons dry out our skin additionally.

That’s why if you notice that your skin has become dry, that it flakes, that it is too taut when you make facial expressions or speak, that it absorbs a lot of cream while wrinkles are becoming more and more visible, it is a sign that your skin needs additional hydration.

Hydration of the Deeper Layer of the Skin

Hydration is the first step to a healthy and beautiful skin. It includes, first and foremost, hydration from the inside, by regularly introducing a sufficient amount of water into our body, as well as hydration from the outside, which helps us maintain and preserve the quality of our skins. This is the first and basic step in preserving a youthful and well-groomed skin and the only way to stay beautiful as long as possible. Hydration helps the skin to be elastic, soft, and firm.

In the Longa Vita Aesthetica center, facial hydration is done in depth, so preparations penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin and nourish it from the inside, which creams cannot do. Our professional staff, many years of experience of doctors and proven world-renowned preparations give outstanding results. Our recommendation in this case are Mesotherapy, Biorevitalizacija and Skin needler.

Before and After:

The method can be applied by everyone, regardless of gender and age, as skin nutrition is important at every stage of one’s life. In this way, we will preserve the freshness and softness of our skins longer, slow down and soften the formation of wrinkles, and look younger, more beautiful and more satisfied.

Before starting any treatment for the regeneration, recovery and rejuvenation of the skin, it is advised detailed FOCUSKIN digital skin analysis, which represents the first step that will give our medical cosmetologists and doctors ideal guidelines for future treatments.

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