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You probably know the feeling you get after a massage: your mind is clearer and your body is more relaxed. An occasional massage makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, but a regular one can do much more. In cooperation with our experienced therapist, regular massages adapted to your body and needs bring your mind to a state of peace, and relax your muscles, preparing you for new challenges.

Types of Massages

Relaxation massage

A relaxation massage is a type of manual massage that is the most effective method of removing stress from everyday life. A combination of various manual movements, artfully designed by the therapist, leads to relaxation of the entire musculature. The harmony of movements, relaxing music, and the scent of specially selected oils will lead you to the complete effect achieved by this type of massage. An escape from everyday life is exactly what we need, and a relaxation massage can certainly provide that.

Therapeutic massage

A therapeutic massage is a form of manual massage that represents the oldest form of treatment. Touch is the essence and basis of massage, with appropriate pressure adapted according to the client and their problem. The rhythm and the combination of various therapeutic measures lead to relaxation, resolution or relief of the state from which the body currently suffers. This technique of combining grips and pressure strength can be applied to various conditions, such as headache, muscle hypertonus, spondylosis, lumboschialgia.

Muscle hypertonus
Hypertonus is an increased muscle tension that occurs due to an improper body position during sitting, sleeping, and work, but it can also arise due to stress. Hypertonus is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, which is manifested by the appearance of fibrositis, most commonly between the shoulder blades or in the neck area, often limiting a person’s movement, causing headaches and pain that interferes with our daily activities.

Spondylosis is a degenerative disease of the spine that is expressed by a feeling of heaviness and pain in the region of the spine where degenerative changes are present. The main cause of this condition is aging, poor body position or forced position at the workplace, previous injuries, genetics, etc.

Lumboschialgia is a condition characterized by pain in the lower part of the spinal column that can spread along the back of the leg, over the hip, the knee and all the way to the foot. The condition is caused by hypertonus of the gluteal or paravertebral muscles, which presses on the sciatic nerve, manifesting as a pain along the leg and making walking and daily activities difficult.

Anti-stress massage

An antistress massage is a special type of a gentle combination of relaxation and therapeutic massage, the goal of which is to relax and eliminate the accumulated stress from the body. Due to the specificity of its grips, aromatherapy and movements, this massage is quite different from the classic relax massage. Experienced therapists say that this massage works miracles, and its magic comes from the knowledge, art, and energy of the space and the therapist. This massage can put you to sleep, and regenerate and remove much of the stress that we all carry with us every day.


Maderotherapy is a type of anti-cellulite massage that is applied using anatomically shaped wooden rolling pins. By combining the movements of rolling pins of different shapes chosen according to the type of your cellulite, as well as the appropriate pressure, accumulated fats and toxins are broken down.
In addition to removing cellulite, this treatment helps us shape the body, reduce the volume in the abdomen, hips and legs, stimulate the lymphatic system, speed up metabolism, rid the body of toxins, raise the skin tone, and reduce the muscle tension. Maderotherapy can be applied in combination with manual anti-cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage, and vacuum slimming bags, which yields the best results.

Manual Anti-cellulite Massage

It is a type of massage used to remove cellulite. We achieve the desired results by combining different hand movements that reach the deepest areas of cellulite with an appropriate pressure, rhythm and direction of movement. Manual anti-cellulite massage can also be combined with maderotherapy, vacuum slimming bags, and lymphatic drainage, doubling its results. The effects we achieve with manual massage are exactly the same as with maderotherapy, the only question being which type of massage is more pleasant for you personally.

Your Therapist Nina

Her specialty are anti-stress and relaxation massages, which are mild, pleasant and manual, and which help the unification of energy flows for the purpose of achieving maximum relaxation of the body. In addition to relaxing massages, therapeutic massages are equally important, which due to the consequences of a fast-paced lifestyle, reduced physical activity, computer work and stress, are becoming a daily necessity. A therapeutic massage is a set of penetrating and stronger manual techniques, which our Nina has perfectly mastered, and which help to remove pain and tension from the muscles. In addition to the therapy of various painful conditions and injuries, massage is equally useful in removing cellulite, especially as a combination of a manual anti-cellulite massage and maderotherapy. The satisfaction of our clients and the achievement of their desired results is our best recommendation.

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If you are doing a classic anti-cellulite massage, you need to do a series of 10 massages that are performed daily. The acceleration of circulation and stimulation of lymph is optimal for the time between the treatments. It would be best to repeat the series every 6 months.

Only if the pregnancy is normal, because the massage normalizes the oxygen level, enables a good metabolism, and improves the elimination of toxins. The massage is performed with the pregnant woman lying on her side, with pillows placed under her head, between her legs, and under her stomach to make the position as comfortable as possible. The massage must be performed without strong and sudden pressures. The upper back, arms, and legs are massaged. The lower back and stomach are not touched, but only lightly coated with oil, which must be carefully selected because many pregnant women are bothered by strong scents.

As with exercise and swimming, it is best to avoid a meal ninety minutes before a massage. Since a massage increases blood flow in the areas being massaged, reduced blood flow in the digestive system can cause mild indigestion if the massage is performed “on a full stomach.”

There must be 2 important reasons for coming for a massage: for the aesthetic effect (better tone, removal of cellulite, and keeping the body in a top shape) and to achieve a medical effect (relax muscles and joints, both sick and healthy). There is no exact definition of how often one should be massaged. Once or twice a week is optimal, but each person determines this according to their own needs.