Get Rid of Dark Circles and Lift Your Eyelids

Are dark circles and/or eyelids the first thing you see in the mirror in the morning? Do they give you a tired and sad look that you don’t want? Anti-aging medicine has a solution!

The Cause Behind the Appearance of Dark Circles and Droopy Eyelids

Dark circles appear for several reasons. On the one hand, there is the genetic factor, and on the other, the influence of the external environment, such as harmful UV radiation and inadequate care. Then, there is the factor of age, where the skin starts to lose its tone and firmness, and several medical problems that result in the appearance puffy and dark circles under the eyes.

If the problem is not health-related, the so-called lacrimal groove will most commonly appear. With aging, the skin loses elasticity and tone, gravity “pulls” the face down, and a wrinkle appears underneath the lower eyelid, connecting the inner corner of the eye with the cheekbone. The face looks tired and the skin around the eyes dehydrated, which gives an unattractive expression to the entire face.

The decrease in muscle tone and the influence of gravity have a negative effect on the eyelids. With age, they also begin to descend slowly, especially towards the outer corners of the eyes, thus giving a sad and tired expression to the face.

The Problem of Dark Circles and Drooping Eyelids Can Be Solved

As this is a sensitive region and the skin is extremely thin, it is very important to correctly, expertly and accurately perform the correction and apply the appropriate anti-aging method. At the LongaVita Aesthetica center, we can solve the problem of dark circles around the eyes by using the MCM device and hyaluron fillers, while sagging eyelids can be lifted as part of the Med Contour Multipower facial treatment and with a special botox injection technique that lifts both the eyelid and the eyebrows and opens the ocular region

For those clients whose eyelid skin has completely fallen off, we suggest an aesthetic procedure known as blepharoplasty. It permanently corrects drooping eyelids, eliminates bags under the eyes, and reduces pronounced skin folds in that region.

Before and After:

If you are unsure whether your problem with dark circles and eyelids is exclusively aesthetic in nature, we suggest that you visit our LongaVita polyclinic, and we will help you discover the cause of the problem with the cutting-edge Bicom device. We know that dark circles around the eyes can indicate a problem with anemia, but the latest research shows that it can also be the result of gluten intolerance. Swollen dark circles are usually seen in people with kidney problems where there is fluid retention, but it can also be due to too much salt in the food.

Problems with the circulation and cardiovascular system can also affect them. Sometimes we simply lack a certain vitamin like B, C, K or some proteins and essential fats. Also, stress as a huge factor, insufficient sleep, too much radiation from technical devices, etc. may affect the loss of skin tone and the appearance of chronic dark circles under the eyes. Through a simple, completely pleasant and painless examination, you can determine and cure the cause, remedy the consequences with one of the anti-aging methods, and completely forget about the problem.

Before starting any treatment for the regeneration, recovery and rejuvenation of the skin, it is advised detailed FOCUSKIN digital skin analysis, which represents the first step that will give our medical cosmetologists and doctors ideal guidelines for future treatments.

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