Nutritionional Counseling

“Let thy food be thy medicine, let thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Proper Nutrition Leads to Good Health and Beauty

Using the food intolerance test available at our center, which can be performed on over 200 foods, we will obtain accurate information about which type of food is responsible for possibly slowing down your metabolism and your weight gain, but also causing your bad mood and bloating. With a diet plan that we create for each patient individually, based on their individual needs and the choice of healthy and good foods, we will help you feel good and feel satisfied with yourself.

BICOM Food Intolerance Test

At the LongaVita polyclinic, we use the BICOM bioresonant method to successfully diagnose the foods that best suit you and your body. Our food intolerance test is the cutting-edge diagnostic method that does not involve taking blood and waiting for the results, and is therefore suitable for both children and adults.

Accelerating Metabolism

When you apply the results of the food intolerance test and exclude unsuitable foods from your diet, after a month you begin to feel both mental and physical progress. With healthy and appropriate food, we speed up the metabolism and make it easier for the body to get rid of excess weight in a natural way.

Individual Nutrition Plan

For the purpose of your beauty and health, LongaVita observes each client individually with the aim of achieving the best possible results. After the food intolerance test and consultation with the doctor, a diet plan is designed for each client individually and according to their personal needs. This is how we achieve the best and fastest results, to mutual satisfaction.

How to Achieve the Best Results

After a conversation with the client and an insight into his health condition, we suggest an appropriate method and approach. Sometimes an intolerance test is quite enough to create a diet plan, and sometimes we look for a deeper cause of metabolic disorders before suggesting a detailed Bicom examination.

After detailed testing, checkups of organs and pathogens, and a food intolerance test, we suggest measuring on the InBody professional scale , where we get an accurate display of both the total weight and individual display of the total body water, skeletal muscle mass, distribution of fat deposits… We need all those parameters to put together a detailed and individual nutrition plan for each individual. You also get recommendations for supplementation, exercise, water intake, and a guide with recipes and helpful tips to help you achieve the desired results.

Testing and an individual diet plan, in addition to all other useful tips for supplements, exercise and energy techniques, are provided by our nutrition advisor – Milena Popić. Her detailed and dedicated approach to each individual gives good results that are our best recommendation.

For all of you who may have some other health problems, chronic complaints, regular medical therapies, consequences after surgical interventions, problems with immunity, etc., we suggest you to contact our nutritionist-dietitian Snežana Jović. Her experience in combination with her direct and friendly nature will facilitate any conversation and set you off on the right path of improving your health.

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