LongaVita Aesthetica is the most state-of-the-art center of aesthetic medicine southern Serbia

May your wishes come true, and your secret to a beautiful, youthful and toned look becomes LongaVita Aesthetica

With the desire to provide our clients with comprehensive health and beauty care, we have decided to expand our LongaVita Polyclinic services and are proud to open the doors of the LongaVita Aesthetica center. Under the canopy of beautiful trees in a quiet part of the city, next to other well-known polyclinics and health centers, is where our cosy aesthetic corner is located. The LongaVita Aesthetica center is the most state-of-the-art anti-aging center in Niš and the surrounding region, and its work scope lies in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Relying on cutting-edge technologies and techniques, our modern anti-aging center provides the latest non-invasive treatments and procedures aimed at rejuvenating the face and body. Our method is a dedicated, individual approach to each client, based on the consideration of their wishes and a professional selection of opportunities with the aim of achieving mutual satisfaction. Taking care of your health and safety is our top priority, so our services are non-invasive, proven, and painless.

Here at the Aesthetica Center our mission is to always stay true to the natural framework of beauty, not only for the purpose of craft but also for the purpose of art, and to help each client, with the help of best and state-of-the-art methods of aesthetic medicine, to look more beautiful and satisfied.

Aesthetica at the Service of Your Beauty

The main specialty of the center is aesthetic medicine, which includes proven non-invasive methods and non-surgical treatments that give immediately visible results. The LongaVita Aesthetica polyclinic is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and well-known tested preparations, and we are highly proud of the fact that we will also use the world’s latest medical procedures and techniques in Serbia, such as non-surgical removal of dark circles, non-surgical face modeling, non-surgical face lifting, and the revolutionary technology of ultrasonic liposuction, Med Contour Multipower, which we first brought to this region.

We pride ourselves with having the best doctors, who have specialized in aesthetic medicine at prestigious universities in Italy and France. Their many years of professional experience, as well as continuous training and medical practice, make you feel absolutely safe in their hands. We make your every wish, however big or small, come true, and your satisfied smile is our best recommendation.

Meet the LongaVita Aesthetica Team

Aleksandra Petković

Menadžer Longa Vita poliklinike

Milena Popić

A nutrition consultant, an MCM and Bicom therapist

Nina Zlatković

Vocational physiotherapist

Dr sci. Slađana Stojković

Specijalista dermatovenerologije i doktor estetske medicine

Dr Jelena Paunković

Doctor of general and aesthetic medicine

Dr Miloš Marković

Doctor of general and aesthetic medicine

Dr Antonia Stanojević

Doctor of general and aesthetic medicine

Dr Marko Simić

Specijalizant dermatovenerologije i doktor estetske medicine

Tijana Stanković

Professional nutritionist dietician

Mila Dilić

Vocational physiotherapist

Nevena Tasić


The Team of the LongaVita and LongaVita Aesthetica Polyclinics Are at the Service of Your Health and Beauty!

LongaVita is a polyclinic where, through the professional approach of specialist doctors and a team of medical professionals, your health and beauty are elevated to a higher level with the help of expert doctors from as many as 7 branches of specialization and a top team of medical cosmetologists, nurses, and technicians. At our polyclinic, we provide a wide range of services and an individual approach, which makes us the only such polyclinic in the region.

Our top priority goal is to understand your needs, find the real cause, and then meet and exceed your expectations.

We have divided our activities into two locations where we offer over 150 services in a total of 7 specialty areas. Medical branches of general medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, quantum medicine, pediatrics, pulmonology and dermatovenerology are located in the very center of the city of Niš near the Cathedral. On almost 400 square meters, the most modernly equipped dermatology center is at your disposal, which includes the Ellman radiofrequency knife treatment, which is the gold standard in electrosurgery.

Considering that we are the only ones in the region dealing with integrative medicine that combines the knowledge and experience of classical medicine, in our Polyclinic you can afford treatment with quantum medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture and receive the kind of treatment you can get today in the most modern medical institutions in Europe. We are especially proud of our pediatrics team and the trust we establish with our youngest patients and their parents, because the proper growth and development of children is of the greatest importance.

A professional team, many years of experience, proven cutting-edge devices, and countless satisfied clients, are our best advertisement and guarantee of success and quality. Come and see for yourself!